Collaboration with Caseable 

Hi everyone! 
Two weeks ago I got an amazing opportunity to collaborate with Caseable. They are a brand that sells a wide variety of hand-crafted, custom covers for smartphones, tablets, laptops and e-readers. On their website you can select various styles of cases designed by artists from Berlin and Brooklyn. They have fun designed collections such as abstract, animals, city and architecture, movies and fantasy and many more. Apart from that, you can also create your own phone case by uploading your photos and choosing your designs. The amount of customisation you can do is overwhelming! 

After I had spent sometime on their website, I found a phone case that perfectly represents me, my personality and lifestyle. Since traveling is a very important part of my life, and Paris is one of the favourite cities I have ever visited, I chose a Vintage Paris Smartphone Hard Case. Apart from Hard Cases, you can also choose from Flip Cases and Pouches.

My case came in a simple cardboard designed box, with protection cover on the case. The case is completely beautiful. It is a stylish iPhone 7 Plus case and it has vintage Paris printed in black and white, above that it is decorated with a gorgeous colourful flower print. It looks very fashionable. The case is slim, the front of the case has a tiny bit of lip to protect the curved edges on the sides and corners of the phone. It fits my phone perfectly. The case is protective and good quality, so it cannot be taken off easily. However, the top of the case leaves a gap with no protection and I just wish the case covered this part a bit more. 

All in all, I really love this case due to its fabulous design. Since it is made of hard plastic I feel it offers protection in case of fall, as long as it’s not landing facing the screen. 

In case you are looking for fancy phone cases, or you are looking for a place where you can design your own phone/tablet/laptop case I believe Caseable is exactly what you are looking for. Check out their website
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Oversized/Dress T-shirts

Collaboration with Pulled Threads 

Good evening loves! 
My all time summer favourites, that never really seem to get out of fashion, are oversized/dress T-shirts. They can be matched with anything and every style, no matter whether it’s sporty and casual (with leggings or jeans matched with the sneakers) or sporty with a touch of elegance (matched with heels or sandals and some fancy bag). 

Since I am more into elegant style, I usually pair them with sandals or heels (depending where I am heading to) and some beautiful bag (with oversized/dress shirts I mostly choose to carry a bag in a small size). 

Recently I have collaborated with the brand called Pulled Threads. From them I have received a fancy oversized/dress T-shirt I have immediately fallen in love with when I saw it on their website. The T-shirt is bleach splatter with colours pink and red, it is a V neck with beautiful lace detailing and a LA Clippers and Adidas logo print. 

Once I put it on, I felt incredibly smooth texture and it is super light weight. Paired with these platform sandals in the same colour they make an amazing everyday outfit. 

Apart from everyday outfits, oversized/dress T-shirts are perfect for summer vacations. I am travelling to Turkey in less than two weeks, and wearing this shirt will be perfect for the beach over swimsuits, since it doesn’t hug the body. 
If you are looking for a place where you can buy a perfect oversized/dress T-shirt I suggest you check out where you can also find cropped shirts, hoodies and jeans. Everything they sell is customized and one of a kind. You can use my code THEODORAXOXO for 10% discount. 
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Empuriabrava & Salvador Dalí’s Museum in Figueres 

Hey loves! 
One of the days of my summer vacation in Lloret de Mar we decided to spend at Empuriabrava and later that day go to Figueres, Salvador Dalí’s Museum precisely.

We left Lloret early in the morning and while we were at the bus I was listening to music wondering what Empuriabrava was like, since I have never visited it before. Our tour guide spoke about what Empuriabrava was famous for and it’s history. When we entered the city we were astonished. Empuriabrava is known as Spanish Venice and it really does look like it. It is a resort with many luxurious houses and apartments built around the canal-like waterways and each of them has its own yacht. When we got off the bus we couldn’t stop taking pictures and admiring the beauty of this place. There are trees with huge pink flowers on the way to the beach. However, we were very disappointed once we had gotten to the beach. It is too long and sandy, the water is dirty and shallow so we weren’t really able to swim. Thankfully, we didn’t have much free time there due to the trip to Figueres, so before we had left we went to the cafe called Capitan. The interesting thing about it is that it is shaped like a boat and is decorated with all of the items you would expect to find in any captain’s cabin. One side of the cafe has a view on the luxurious resort, meanwhile the other has a view on the city. 

After Empuriabrava, we continued our way to Figueres and Salvador Dalí’s Museum. We were specially excited because my best friend’s mother is a teacher of history of arts, and this has kind of been her dream come true. I love museums. I have visited most museums around Europe (such as Louvre and Versailles in Paris, Van Gogh’s and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Neues Museum in Berlin, Picasso’s Museum in Barcelona, and plenty of other I will write about) so I was excited about seeing this one too and learning something new. 

While hearing about Dalí from our guide, we were looking at the museum which is a marvellous fancy exterior with it’s crowning glory of sculptured eggs. We had group tickets so we didn’t have to wait in the line to get in the museum. Stepping inside the renowned museum, we entered the magnificent mind of Dalí. While hearing about Dalí’s life from our tour guide, we roamed around the museum exploring the largest collection of his works, including paintings, sculptures and other mind-bending creations. We saw plenty amazing things, such as a three-dimensional room set that resembles Mae West’s face, holographic art and a collection of jewellery designed by Dalí himself. After we finished the tour around the museum, we decided to go to the restaurant which is at the exit of the museum. The street kinda reminded me of the street from Montmartre in Paris to Moulin Rouge. 

The day was overall wonderful. I wasn’t sad for going back to Lloret de Mar since Tyga was performing that night at a club. And even though we didn’t get a chance to see him in concert since we came back late, we had an opportunity to watch the breathtaking fireworks from the balcony of our hotel. 
Teodora xoxo 

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Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava

Hi everyone! 
I’m currently enjoying my afternoon with coffee and music, remembering the wonderful moments from last summer I am going to write about. Yesterday’s post was about Cinque Terre, today’s post will be about the place where I have gone after that – Lloret de Mar, Spain. This was the first time I have spent my summer vacation in Spain (I have been visiting it during the winter before, but never in the summer). I used to spend my summers in Turkey, but due to the unpleasant situations that have been going on there we decided to change the destination. I didn’t know whether I would like it or not and I had no idea what to expect. We have arrived in the afternoon and after we have settled at the hotel room we decided to go to the beach. The view was breathtaking. The beach is sandy and extremely well kept. The water is cold and crystal clear full of fish. Along the beach there are palm trees, beach bars and restaurants that offer colourful cocktails in huge differently shaped glasses that look fabulous, and the beaches are fully equipped so that tourists can try different types of sports. 

When it comes to cuisine, Spanish food is one of the most delicious in the world. Rich and wide variety of dishes. There are many dishes with fish and seafood with fresh vegetables which I would recommend to everyone who plans to spend their vacation in Costa Brava. My personal favourite is Paella. One more interesting fact is that Spain has the sweetest fruit, specially melon, it has far different taste than the melons I have eaten before. 

Lloret de Mar is probably the liveliest holiday spot I have ever been to. There is a whole street full of night clubs that change colours constantly and everyone is always in a good mood. I unfortunately didn’t have a chance to go to the clubs, but we were visiting different cafes and trying something new every night. Our favourite cafe was Carmen’s where everything is white full of fancy lights. We have enjoyed 10 days there (one day we visited Barcelona and the other day we visited Empuriabrava and Salvador Dali’s Museum, which I will be writing about in separate posts tomorrow). My mom’s and my tradition is cruising the last day of our vacation. There are many different types of cruises and boat tours in Lloret de Mar. Such as cruise to Tossa de Mar, scuba diving boat tour or exploring the caves. Since we are not very adventurous, we have chosen the cruise to Tossa de Mar. Enjoying the view of the sea and luxurious houses on our way to Tossa de Mar while listening to the peaceful sound of waves and the wind flowing through our hair we have reached the tiny town that is located 30 minutes away from Lloret. We have been exploring the streets and visiting many different souvenir shops, then relaxing on the beach before we decided to go back. Sitting on the boat on our way back made me feel happy because I could see whole Lloret from another perspective, but also made me feel extreme sadness because it was time to move on with the trip back to Italy. 

I loved Lloret and I am looking forward to visiting it again soon and experiencing the biggest water park in Europe, but this summer I am happy I’m returning back to my favourite summer vacation destination – Turkey. 
Teodora xoxo 

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Cinque Terre 

Hey loves! 
About a year ago I visited Cinque Terre. It is a string of seaside villages on the Italian Riviera coastline. Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso are the 5 villages with colourful houses, terraced cliffs and wonderful fields and gardens. 

This time I just visited Riomaggiore and Manarola since we didn’t have much time in Italy due to our trip to Spain. Cars were forbidden years ago, so to get to all the villages we had to catch the train in La Spezia (a city which would be a nice place to spend a summer vacation at if it was a bit better arranged and taken care of). Railway line is cut through a series of coastal tunnels. When we reached Riomaggiore we decided to go for a breakfast, the first fast food restaurant we saw is named Mamma Mia, where we ate delicious fish and chips (picture is down below). After that we decided to roam around the streets of Riomaggiore admiring the colourful houses and cute restaurants decorated with different types of flowers. Then we went closer to the sea. We weren’t allowed to swim since there were too many stones and boats but it’s a perfect place to take pictures. After exploring Riomaggiore, we decided to continue our way to Manarola. Once we reached we were walking around the streets that were very similar to the streets of Riomaggiore while eating ice creams that tasted like oranges. Then we got to the main street which is full of restaurants and it has a view of the sea, on the left you can see parked boats and on the right is a place for swimming. We didn’t plan to swim immediately because something else caught our attention. There is a path that leads to the top of the village on the right with a nice cafe and fields. Luckily, it was early morning and once we were at the top we immediately had a table at a cafe. Usually it is very crowded and people wait in the line to be able to sit there. I ordered a lemon cake and coffee while my best friend was eating fish bruschetta while looking at a breathtaking view of the whole Manarola village and the sea. When we have finished we decided to relax in the fields before we go for a swim. There isn’t a regular beach, you can either walk down the slippery rocks or jump from the higher ones. The water is cold, deep and full of fish. It is one of the most beautiful views on the colourful houses above. The day slowly passes, the evening comes and we realise it is time to leave, but before we did, we decided to have dinner in one of the restaurants in Riomaggiore where we ate prosciutto pizza. 

I loved spending time in Cinque Terre. I cannot wait to visit it again, and I hope next time I get a chance to visit it in spring. 
Teodora xoxo

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The Negotin Fair 

Hi loves! 

Yesterday I visited my favourite place in this world, the city where I was born, Negotin. Since I had lost my grandma at the beginning of this year, my mom and I didn’t think we would want to come back to this place again. However, we agreed that we cannot miss the Negotin Fair. The Fair brings thousands of people together and is quite an experience with a rich history stretching back over several decades. People embrace fairs as an opportunity to set the rest of life aside and delve into the sights, sounds that combine to create a unique and timeless experience. At the entrance of the fair there are counters with wide variety of products (such as clothes, lingerie, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery, etc…), there is even a part where people sell fancy furniture and gates. The most popular thing to eat on the Negotin Fair are mekike (the picture is below the text). It is a deep fried flatbread which can be eaten either with or without sugar. There are also little doughnuts and sweets in different shapes (such as Hello Kitty, Minions, Spiderman, etc). For people that want to have a proper lunch there are huge tents placed next to the rollercoasters where you can order barbecue while enjoying the loud music. The reason why youth comes is because they love the rollercoasters (pictures down below aren’t mine since I had no time to take them due to my bus on my way back to Belgrade, so credit to the original owners). Even though there aren’t many rollercoasters, riders share the thrill and adventure of surviving what feels like an extreme experience. People love the freedom to act wildly. In the evening, if you are lucky and screaming your head off on the rollercoaster to catch other people’s attention to the certain rollercoaster, you might end up winning one or even more extra free rides. 

The Negotin Fair occurs twice a year. Two days in summer and two days in fall, so if you happen to visit Serbia at this time seeking for atmosphere of fun and exhilaration I suggest you take a trip to the Negotin Fair. 

Teodora xoxo 

Travel Experience

Padova, Italy 

I’ve visited most Italian cities a few times, but this was the first time I was in Padua (Padova in Italian). First thing that i saw was Prato della Valle, it is a huge park which has a fountain in the middle of it and is connected to the city that surrounds it by small bridges and on each different statues can be seen. The park was surrounded by a fair where you could find anything you could possibly think of (from flowers, trees and any types of plants to clothes, books, magazines and cds etc). From there I continued my way to Basilica di Sant’Antonio – Basilica del Santo, it is the most magnificent church I have ever seen and it had some special vibe since it was Easter time (precisely it was 1 day before Easter). After that I went for a walk to the centre of the city, the most beautiful thing I’ve noticed is that there are little bridges and the river flows under them so it really reminded me a lot of Venice and Amsterdam. 

If you happen to visit Italy, I definitely suggest you spend one day in Padova! 

Teodora xoxo