Eighth Time In Turkey – The Exotic Playsuit 

Day 2  

The second day in Turkey was usual, like every other day you spend on the summer vacation. After the delicious breakfast I decided to go take some pictures for Instagram and blog since I was wearing my new playsuit that I bought in H&M the day before the travel. Playsuits are my favourite thing to wear during summer since they are mostly tight just around the hips, and they don’t hug the rest of the body so they are comfortable to wear no matter how hot it is. The playsuit I chose was stunning, in summer colours and exotic detailing so it matched to the atmosphere I was in. It has no sleeves and it’s cotton so I can put it on easily plus it’s super light weight. I added some accessories to the playsuit. Firstly, I added a necklace that I got from Happiness Boutique. It is a blue crystal glass necklace, which is modern and elegant and it can be matched with different type of styles. I also added the gorgeous cat eye crystal blue sunglasses that I received from Glasses Shop. I usually choose the colour black for sunglasses because I think they are the classiest, however these have mirror coating so whatever I look at can be seen on my sunglasses in blue – palm trees and the sea look fabulous (you are able to see that in one of the pictures down below). The bag I carried with me is from Julia Kays, it is a frustum strap messenger bag. These colourful straps are very popular on bags this summer and it looks amazing no matter what you are wearing. I took pictures in the fountains park in Alanya, right by the Cleopatra beach. It is my favourite one in Turkey because it is full of fountains, swings, palm trees and little bridges. While you are on a swing you have an amazing view on the sea and the boats and yachts touring around it and you can enjoy the sound of fountains mixed with the waves so it’s very peaceful. 

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Playsuit – http://m.hm.com/rs/department/LADIES 

Necklace – https://www.happinessboutique.com/en/necklaces/joy-statement-necklace-serenity-blue-1428

Sunglasses – https://www.glassesshop.com 

Bag – https://juliakays.com/collections/bags/products/julia-kays-frustum-strap-messenger-bag 



Eighth Time In Turkey – Arrival 

Day 1 
One in the morning, I have just finished packing for my summer vacation in Turkey. This is my eighth time spending my summer there. I have to wake up at 1:30am so that I can leave at 2am and due to the excitement I hardly manage to get even 15 minutes of sleep. Airport Nikola Tesla is one of my favourite places in Belgrade since all my travels and adventures start from there. But this time I felt a lot different than I do usually. I felt nervousness and excitement, I’m sure that is because I have missed Turkey and I couldn’t wait to finally get on the plane. When we were on the plane I drank morning coffee with my mother admiring the beauty of the sun that had just slowly started to rise and the clouds under us, and after that I manage to get about thirty more minutes of sleep. When we were above Antalya, where we were going to land, I start feeling indescribable happiness. No airport feels like the airport in Antalya, the second you get off the plane the heat overwhelms you that you can hardly breathe, but it is my favourite feeling. It is special to me since I come from a very cold country and Turkey has very warm summers, to be honest I don’t think Turkey is cold any season of the year. After passing through a passport control and picking up our luggage we headed to the bus which would take us to our hotel. Our hotel is in the centre of the city in Alanya. Alanya is about an hour and 30 minutes away from Antalya and it is a resort town on Turkey’s central Mediterranean coast (Turkish Riviera). It has wide beaches lined with fabulous hotels and Alanya Castle that stands on a rocky bluff above the beachfront. When we had gotten to the hotel we had to wait for sometime until our rooms were ready so we decided to go on lunch. Last time I was in Turkey was three years ago, and I missed their food so much. Once you enter the dining room, you can see the wide variety of different meat, vegetables, fruits, dishes and sweets. After choosing what I wanted to eat, I move on to one of my favourite things – tea. Turkey, to me, has the best teas in the world. The most popular one is apple, that was my favourite one until I tried blackberry. I like stronger tastes so this one fits me perfectly. After the wonderful lunch at the hotel we decided to rest for a while then leave for the beach. Every hotel has it’s own beach, it is very organised since you don’t have to worry about whether you will find free beach beds if you come on the beach later during the day. The sea in Turkey is about the same heat as outside of the water which is one of the reasons why I choose Turkey as the most perfect place for summer vacation. I have been to many countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece where the water was far colder than in Turkey and it really bothered me that I needed ages to get inside. I can spend hours in the sea swimming and enjoying the waves. When I got out of the water before I laid on my beach bed I took sometime to look around me and admire the beauty. In that moment I realised how lucky and happy I am to be here and that Alanya was, is and will always be the most beautiful place on Earth. 

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Fashion Review 

Collaboration with Gamiss 

Hi everyone! 
Just like yesterday’s post, today’s is also a collaboration just with a different brand – Gamiss. Entering their website I was amazed by the wide variety of products they sell. I usually have no problem deciding what I want, however when I see too many things I cannot concentrate on choosing what I like the most. 

The past few days in Belgrade were rainy and cold so I’d like to start with these gorgeous floral pants. The pants are tight around the calf and they are fully decorated with pink roses. I wear them as if they are high-wasted due to my body type and style. However, they do not have to be worn that way – but like every other sweats, baggy and casual. These pants are perfect for fall rainy days, but they are not warm enough for winter. I paired these babies with a plain white shirt, since they are already full of details and having a detailed shirt as well would be too much. The second thing I’d like to mention is this pretty white middle-sized bag with purple roses detailing. I have fallen in love with it and I’ve been carrying it with me literally every day since it arrived. It looks great no matter which outfit it is paired with. As you might know, I’m really into oversized/dress shirts this summer so I decided to choose one more from Gamiss. It is a dragon embroidered crew neck T-shirt in silver. I love how silky the shirt is and it sparkles every time I make a move. It’s perfect for summer since it’s super light weight, I paired it with shorts even though the shirt completely covers it up. In fall I will pair it with white cropped jeans, they will make a perfect match with the dragon detailing and it is going to look amazing. You can check my blog about oversized/dress T-shirts here: https://theodoraxoxo.wordpress.com/2017/08/06/oversizeddress-t-shirts/. The last thing I have chosen is a cute blue bracelet that will be a perfect accessory on the beach. However, it can hardly be matched with everyday outfits, and when it is matched I suggest you don’t put anything else of the accessories on accept maybe a watch. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Make sure you follow me on my social media: 

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Outfit details: 

Gamiss: http://bit.ly/2vR23yI 

Pants: http://bit.ly/2hMyDeT 

Bag: http://bit.ly/2vlwVpw 

Oversized shirt: http://bit.ly/2wvTUwZ 

Bracelet: http://bit.ly/2uIEfIn 

Teodora xoxo 

White Wonderland 

Collaboration with YoShop 

Hi everyone! 
A few weeks ago I partnered up with the brand called YoShop. Since I got an opportunity to select some items from their website, I decided to explore it and I was amazed by the wide variety of fashionable items they sell. However, I was thinking that the school year is just around the corner so I chose something I need and will be able to wear when it starts. 

The first thing I’d like to talk about is this gorgeous long sleeved white dress with lace detailing on front and a hood. It is short and it hugs the body perfectly. I love how it’s classy but yet also a little seductive. The second thing that I have fallen in love with is this pretty cap (which I am going to be taking with me to the vacation in Turkey I am going on in five days!). It is white and decorated with some sparkles and beautiful red roses. I have been looking for a cap since the summer vacation began, however since I love things that look a bit too-over-the-top I had trouble finding a perfect one that would match my expectations, until I visited their website. This cap is amazing to style with every outfit I own. The next thing I have received, which unfortunately you will not be able to see until September since it is planned for school, is a floral shirt I will be mentioning in some future blog in September. And last but not least, the bracelets. I am crazy about bracelets and I never think I have enough of them. From YoShop I received four bracelets. First one on the picture is a marble stone triangle cuff bracelet, and the other three are golden, silver and rose gold bracelets with musical pendants. I wear these bracelets every day next to the Cartier bracelet I received from Celebrity Inspired, and I can say they kinda became a part of me. 

The day I made pictures was amazing, just like every other summer day in Belgrade. I went for a morning ice coffee and pineapple/orange juice with my mother, the cafe we chose was recently renovated and everything is white – just like my outfit, so I kinda blended in the atmosphere. I hope you like this look and have a great beginning of the week! 

Outfit details: 

Dress: https://www.yoshop.com/category/women-c_470/?lkid=10979790 

Cap: https://www.yoshop.com/category/women-c_470/?lkid=10979790 

Bracelets: https://www.yoshop.com/category/women-c_470/?lkid=10979790 

Bag: https://juliakays.com 

Sunglasses: https://www.hawkersco.com use code HCW20TEODORA for 20% off! 

Instagram: @theodoraxoxo 

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Teodora xoxo 

Collaboration with Caseable 

Hi everyone! 
Two weeks ago I got an amazing opportunity to collaborate with Caseable. They are a brand that sells a wide variety of hand-crafted, custom covers for smartphones, tablets, laptops and e-readers. On their website you can select various styles of cases designed by artists from Berlin and Brooklyn. They have fun designed collections such as abstract, animals, city and architecture, movies and fantasy and many more. Apart from that, you can also create your own phone case by uploading your photos and choosing your designs. The amount of customisation you can do is overwhelming! 

After I had spent sometime on their website, I found a phone case that perfectly represents me, my personality and lifestyle. Since traveling is a very important part of my life, and Paris is one of the favourite cities I have ever visited, I chose a Vintage Paris Smartphone Hard Case. Apart from Hard Cases, you can also choose from Flip Cases and Pouches.

My case came in a simple cardboard designed box, with protection cover on the case. The case is completely beautiful. It is a stylish iPhone 7 Plus case and it has vintage Paris printed in black and white, above that it is decorated with a gorgeous colourful flower print. It looks very fashionable. The case is slim, the front of the case has a tiny bit of lip to protect the curved edges on the sides and corners of the phone. It fits my phone perfectly. The case is protective and good quality, so it cannot be taken off easily. However, the top of the case leaves a gap with no protection and I just wish the case covered this part a bit more. 

All in all, I really love this case due to its fabulous design. Since it is made of hard plastic I feel it offers protection in case of fall, as long as it’s not landing facing the screen. 

In case you are looking for fancy phone cases, or you are looking for a place where you can design your own phone/tablet/laptop case I believe Caseable is exactly what you are looking for. Check out their website https://caseable.com/en/
Teodora xoxo 

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Oversized/Dress T-shirts

Collaboration with Pulled Threads 

Good evening loves! 
My all time summer favourites, that never really seem to get out of fashion, are oversized/dress T-shirts. They can be matched with anything and every style, no matter whether it’s sporty and casual (with leggings or jeans matched with the sneakers) or sporty with a touch of elegance (matched with heels or sandals and some fancy bag). 

Since I am more into elegant style, I usually pair them with sandals or heels (depending where I am heading to) and some beautiful bag (with oversized/dress shirts I mostly choose to carry a bag in a small size). 

Recently I have collaborated with the brand called Pulled Threads. From them I have received a fancy oversized/dress T-shirt I have immediately fallen in love with when I saw it on their website. The T-shirt is bleach splatter with colours pink and red, it is a V neck with beautiful lace detailing and a LA Clippers and Adidas logo print. 

Once I put it on, I felt incredibly smooth texture and it is super light weight. Paired with these platform sandals in the same colour they make an amazing everyday outfit. 

Apart from everyday outfits, oversized/dress T-shirts are perfect for summer vacations. I am travelling to Turkey in less than two weeks, and wearing this shirt will be perfect for the beach over swimsuits, since it doesn’t hug the body. 
If you are looking for a place where you can buy a perfect oversized/dress T-shirt I suggest you check out https://pulledthreads.com/collections/all where you can also find cropped shirts, hoodies and jeans. Everything they sell is customized and one of a kind. You can use my code THEODORAXOXO for 10% discount. 
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Empuriabrava & Salvador Dalí’s Museum in Figueres 

Hey loves! 
One of the days of my summer vacation in Lloret de Mar we decided to spend at Empuriabrava and later that day go to Figueres, Salvador Dalí’s Museum precisely.

We left Lloret early in the morning and while we were at the bus I was listening to music wondering what Empuriabrava was like, since I have never visited it before. Our tour guide spoke about what Empuriabrava was famous for and it’s history. When we entered the city we were astonished. Empuriabrava is known as Spanish Venice and it really does look like it. It is a resort with many luxurious houses and apartments built around the canal-like waterways and each of them has its own yacht. When we got off the bus we couldn’t stop taking pictures and admiring the beauty of this place. There are trees with huge pink flowers on the way to the beach. However, we were very disappointed once we had gotten to the beach. It is too long and sandy, the water is dirty and shallow so we weren’t really able to swim. Thankfully, we didn’t have much free time there due to the trip to Figueres, so before we had left we went to the cafe called Capitan. The interesting thing about it is that it is shaped like a boat and is decorated with all of the items you would expect to find in any captain’s cabin. One side of the cafe has a view on the luxurious resort, meanwhile the other has a view on the city. 

After Empuriabrava, we continued our way to Figueres and Salvador Dalí’s Museum. We were specially excited because my best friend’s mother is a teacher of history of arts, and this has kind of been her dream come true. I love museums. I have visited most museums around Europe (such as Louvre and Versailles in Paris, Van Gogh’s and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Neues Museum in Berlin, Picasso’s Museum in Barcelona, and plenty of other I will write about) so I was excited about seeing this one too and learning something new. 

While hearing about Dalí from our guide, we were looking at the museum which is a marvellous fancy exterior with it’s crowning glory of sculptured eggs. We had group tickets so we didn’t have to wait in the line to get in the museum. Stepping inside the renowned museum, we entered the magnificent mind of Dalí. While hearing about Dalí’s life from our tour guide, we roamed around the museum exploring the largest collection of his works, including paintings, sculptures and other mind-bending creations. We saw plenty amazing things, such as a three-dimensional room set that resembles Mae West’s face, holographic art and a collection of jewellery designed by Dalí himself. After we finished the tour around the museum, we decided to go to the restaurant which is at the exit of the museum. The street kinda reminded me of the street from Montmartre in Paris to Moulin Rouge. 

The day was overall wonderful. I wasn’t sad for going back to Lloret de Mar since Tyga was performing that night at a club. And even though we didn’t get a chance to see him in concert since we came back late, we had an opportunity to watch the breathtaking fireworks from the balcony of our hotel. 
Teodora xoxo 

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