The Negotin Fair 

Hi loves! 

Yesterday I visited my favourite place in this world, the city where I was born, Negotin. Since I had lost my grandma at the beginning of this year, my mom and I didn’t think we would want to come back to this place again. However, we agreed that we cannot miss the Negotin Fair. The Fair brings thousands of people together and is quite an experience with a rich history stretching back over several decades. People embrace fairs as an opportunity to set the rest of life aside and delve into the sights, sounds that combine to create a unique and timeless experience. At the entrance of the fair there are counters with wide variety of products (such as clothes, lingerie, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery, etc…), there is even a part where people sell fancy furniture and gates. The most popular thing to eat on the Negotin Fair are mekike (the picture is below the text). It is a deep fried flatbread which can be eaten either with or without sugar. There are also little doughnuts and sweets in different shapes (such as Hello Kitty, Minions, Spiderman, etc). For people that want to have a proper lunch there are huge tents placed next to the rollercoasters where you can order barbecue while enjoying the loud music. The reason why youth comes is because they love the rollercoasters (pictures down below aren’t mine since I had no time to take them due to my bus on my way back to Belgrade, so credit to the original owners). Even though there aren’t many rollercoasters, riders share the thrill and adventure of surviving what feels like an extreme experience. People love the freedom to act wildly. In the evening, if you are lucky and screaming your head off on the rollercoaster to catch other people’s attention to the certain rollercoaster, you might end up winning one or even more extra free rides. 

The Negotin Fair occurs twice a year. Two days in summer and two days in fall, so if you happen to visit Serbia at this time seeking for atmosphere of fun and exhilaration I suggest you take a trip to the Negotin Fair. 

Teodora xoxo 


Travel Experience

Padova, Italy 

I’ve visited most Italian cities a few times, but this was the first time I was in Padua (Padova in Italian). First thing that i saw was Prato della Valle, it is a huge park which has a fountain in the middle of it and is connected to the city that surrounds it by small bridges and on each different statues can be seen. The park was surrounded by a fair where you could find anything you could possibly think of (from flowers, trees and any types of plants to clothes, books, magazines and cds etc). From there I continued my way to Basilica di Sant’Antonio – Basilica del Santo, it is the most magnificent church I have ever seen and it had some special vibe since it was Easter time (precisely it was 1 day before Easter). After that I went for a walk to the centre of the city, the most beautiful thing I’ve noticed is that there are little bridges and the river flows under them so it really reminded me a lot of Venice and Amsterdam. 

If you happen to visit Italy, I definitely suggest you spend one day in Padova! 

Teodora xoxo

Collaboration with HawkersCo 

Hi everyone! 

A few weeks ago I got an amazing opportunity to collaborate with HawkersCo. They are a brand that sells sunglasses and they let me choose two pairs for the first group of pictures I post as a model. I chose Black Dark Warwick and Frozen Nude Rose Gold, because I wanted to try different style and shape so that I can match them with different outfits. 

They were wonderfully packed. Black Dark Warwick includes leatherette case with microfiber cleaning cloth, packaging with golden edges and decorative stickers set. Frozen Nude Rose Gold includes custom patterned microfiber pouch, customised box and a set of decorative stickers. 

In case you are looking for a fancy pair of sunglasses this summer I suggest you check out their website and use my code ‘HCW20TEODORA’ for 20% off! 

Teodora xoxo

To travel is to live 

Venice, Italy  

I have visited many beautiful cities: Paris (I’ve experienced Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, Versailles,…), Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona and many other wonderful cities and none of them left as speechless as Venice.

I have visited Venice for over 10 times now and I am happy every time I return. I have some special feeling how it’s going to welcome me and my family sunny and breathtakingly beautiful as always.
Every time I visit it I try something new and explore it even more than the time before. I enjoy drinking morning coffees on San Marco Square, then I continue my way through the wonderful streets of Venice where I visit stores where they sell jewellery with Murano glass. I never miss going out for a walk to a magnificent Santa Maria della Salute where I could just sit and enjoy admiring it’s beauty. I suggest you visit the Instrument museum (which is free and beautiful), Peggy Guggenheim Collection and Modern Art museum. One of my favourite things is eating a famous Italian prosciutto pizza in a restaurant under a Rialto bridge.
Venice is my definite favourite place in this world and I will always gladly and happily return to it.

A little bit about me 

Hi everyone, 
My name is Teodora (you might know me as @theodoraxoxo on Instagram). I’m almost 18 (August 28th), living in Belgrade and have a passion for fashion and traveling. I have always loved fashion, styling and being creative with clothes. Apart from that I am interested in law and political sciences. 
This blog was opened because I wanted to expand upon my Instagram page. In July 2015 while I was on my vacation in Thessaloniki, Greece I have decided to share my love for one of my favourite things with the world and that’s photography. I’ve always had an eye for content creation and I love capturing every moment and it’s details. In these 2 years my Instagram account has reached over 30,000 followers. This blog was made so that I can express myself in a more direct and specific way. My idea is to inspire and help all the readers for all things fashion, beauty and travel related. 
I hope you will enjoy my blogs and soon I would love to get to know all the readers better!  
Teodora xoxo