Decorating my apartment with Poster Store

Hello loves!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day.

As most of you know, recently I moved into a new apartment in Trieste and I planned to start decorating as soon as possible. I’ve wanted some art on my walls, to make the place look more fabulous and cosy and Poster Store seemed like a perfect idea to make that happen. I was amazed by the wide variety of pictures and frames they offer and I found it very difficult choosing what I wanted and which I loved the most. After a bit of struggling to make up my mind, I chose some of the pieces which made my apartment look amazing!

First picture had to be from their fashion section. I chose Coco Chanel quote “I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.” since I am a huge fan of Chanel and fashion overall.

After choosing this one, I was sure I wanted a picture of the sea in order for it to remind me of my favourite place on Earth (Alanya, Turkey. Where I spend every summer vacation.) every time I look at it.

Due to the fact that I love to travel I had to choose one picture of my favourite city – Paris. Which perfectly blended in my bedroom and gave it a completely new classy vibe.

Lastly, I adore flowers and this simple ‘Things I love’ picture which both remind me of the beauty of life.

I am amazed by the quality of their products, how fast they arrive as well as the packaging which protects them from any possible damage.

You can use my code ‘teodora30’ for discount on already affordable posters until May 5th.

*Except for frames.

I hope you all liked my picks, let me know in the comments how you choose on decorating your apartments!

Teodora xoxo