Dresden, Germany

January 2, 2018

Arriving in Dresden in the early morning we decided to enjoy our morning coffee at Altstadt Centre on the breathtaking view on the unique designed Frauenkirche – the largest Lutheran Church in Europe. After some wonderful time in an amazing atmosphere we have decided to begin the walking tour and meet this charming city. Sweets shops in Dresden sell chocolate in fabulous boxes which are later put in souvenir Dresden bags so I could not resist buying one. Exploring the Centre of Dresden I have noticed that it’s streets are full of cute shops which sell wooden old-fashioned objects. Due to the fact that it was getting colder every hour, we have decided to go to the biggest mall in Dresden called Altmarkt-Galerie where I ate croissants and later the most delicious fries with tartar sauce I have ever tried!

Dresden is very peaceful, there aren’t many people in cafes, restaurants and around the city nor during the day neither during the evening or night. It is a perfect place for a relaxing holiday in order to get away from everyday life and stresses. However, if you are the way I am – always seeking for adventure and new things to find out, do and learn, this wouldn’t be a place for you. Luckily, I do my best to enjoy every second no matter which city I’m visiting.

Teodora xoxo

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Author: Teodora

Fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger. Based in Trieste, Italy. Economics and financial markets student. theodoraxoxo@yahoo.com

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