New Year’s Eve in Berlin

Hi loves!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Belated Happy 2018! Today I am writing about the most magical night in the whole year in one of the most beautiful European cities – Berlin. Aside from enjoying the wonderful decorations and the view of Berlin’s architectural masterpieces, on New Year’s Eve, the city shines in a whole new light, it becomes perfectly radiant with an atmosphere that is reserved for that one special night.

I have visited many European cities for New Year’s Eve – Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, etc. and our tradition is a fancy setting at a banquet hall, with a view of the city and live music. However, this time we have decided to spend the New Year’s Eve on the Alexanderplatz where we enjoyed the gorgeous fireworks under the stars.

For this magical night I chose to wear a sequin skirt. This skirt is a must in your closet and is perfect for every special occasion no matter the season. I paired it (and I always pair it) with some plain colour, this time it was this simple baby rose blouse because of the effect of the skirt. Since Berlin is very cold during the winter, I have decided to add this stunning cardigan to my outfit and make it extra stylish.

Teodora xoxo

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Author: Teodora

Fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger. Based in Belgrade, Serbia.

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