Adventures in Berlin

January 1st, 2018

First day of 2018 was beautiful and sunny in Berlin! Our plan for the 1st January was to go to the part of Berlin called Charlottenburg, where we drank cappuccino in the biggest coffee mugs I have ever seen! While enjoying our coffee we had a stunning view on the Emperor William Memorial Church which was still surrounded by Christmas Market, and you could still feel the holiday spirit despite the fact that Christmas had passed. After coffee, we had decided to walk through the Christmas Market and eat traditional German sausages. While visiting Germany, you can’t miss out on trying the most delicious sausages in the world! Since it was too cold outside, we got in Hauptbahnhof in search of at least one store that works and, to our surprise, Douglas was open. After buying some extra belated Christmas gifts, we had returned to Alexanderplatz where we enjoyed non-alcoholic cocktails in one of the fanciest cafe-restaurants I have ever been to in the glorious atmosphere.

Teodora xoxo

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Author: Teodora

Fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger. Based in Trieste, Italy. Economics and financial markets student.

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