Orthodox Christmas Eve & Christmas

Hi everyone!

First of all, Merry Christmas to all the Orthodox Christians.

Since my mother is a Catholic and my father is an Orthodox, I get to celebrate both Catholic and Orthodox Christmas. I had an amazing Christmas Eve. I have firstly gone to the Church of Saint Sava, which is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. After visiting one of the most monumental buildings in Belgrade, we have decided to spend sometime relaxing at the cafe which has a breathtaking view on the Church. What was interesting about the coffee is that, instead of having to add sugar, inside of the cup you either get Nutella or white chocolate! At home, we traditionally set the table and enjoyed the rest of the evening while watching one of my favourite Christmas movies – Polar Express.

In the morning, my mother made česnica which is a round loaf of bread and it is a Serbian tradition for Christmas. Just like every other year, we have celebrated Christmas in Hotel Moskva eating Schwarzwald cake, drinking fruit teas and mulled wine. In a great atmosphere, we enjoyed the drinks, classy interior and a stunning view on the centre of Belgrade.

I hope you all had an amazing day loves!

Teodora xoxo

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Author: Teodora

Fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger. Based in Belgrade, Serbia. theodoraxoxo@yahoo.com

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