My Little Italian Diary – Coffee In Verona

Day 4

I love coffee. I have tried various types of coffee in many cities I have visited. By far, the best coffees I tried were in Trieste and Verona.

On the fourth day, we were on our way to Verona. Our main plan was to enjoy the coffee in one of the cafes on Piazza Bra. I have been to Verona many times before, but the season was always spring or summer. Every time we drank coffee we were sitting in the cafe’s garden admiring the breathtaking view on Arena di Verona.

However, this time it was autumn so we had no choice but to sit inside. We chose a cafe-restaurant called Vittorio Emanuele. It is the most elegant cafe I have ever been to. This time I have noticed that I never really paid attention to how wonderful these cafes look like from the inside. I was stunned by this glorious cafe and the rich decor. The coffee is served in fabulous cups and it is a perfect way to experience a different side of Verona’s coffee history and enjoy this historic place.

Teodora xoxo

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