Modern Tabacco Coloured Two-Piece Set

Do you want to dive into a pause from everyday craziness? At the end of the week organise “Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe” for two. For this occasion, I suggest this comfortable yet modern tabacco coloured two-piece set.

This set consist of the top part which is slightly shorter with a circled cutout around the neck and long, but extremely interesting and retro-modern sleeves which have a cutout from elbow to the wrist.

The bottom part are the high-wasted pants, wide elastic and the belt which is made of the same material as the set.

You can make the beautiful bow from the belt or simply make a light knot and put it on the side which will give this two-piece set an extremely elegant feminine look. The pants spread at the ends.

The material of this stunning two-piece set is made of stretchy, silky and ribbed material. Neither does it crumple nor wash out.

Apart from the informal occasions such as a picnic, walk by the river or sea with your loved one, you can also wear it for going shopping with your friend, afternoon aperitif,… Since it is extremely comfortable, it can also be worn for travelling due to the fact that it will make you feel like you are in plush sweats but you will look like a diva from the red carpet.

Silky Fluo Orange Pants

Fluo, what a passion. Marker colours for decisive, durable and persistent.

This colour is trendy and modern style, which with irony and an arrow unusual elegance and ferocity pop colour highlights your extravagance.

If you want to highlight your ladylike mood and make a retro twist, then these silky fluo-orange pants are a perfect choice for you.

If you want to highlight aggressive yet elegant look, then with these pants you can combine various accessories in fluo colours from the necklace, watch, sunglasses, bags, heels and complete your psychedelic look with maxi earrings.

These pants have an elastic around the hips and at the bottom of the trouser leg. They are also enriched with two pockets.

These amazing pants are made of pleasant, silky material appropriate for spring and summer days.

They can be worn for different occasions such as sporty ones (going for a walk, driving an E Scooter or riding a bike). With these kind of occasions, these pants can be paired with white sneakers or fluo coloured sneakers or simply espadrilles.

Furthermore, these extravagant silky pants can be worn for a more elegant occasion such as an evening dinner, concert in the open, going to the movies, going for a coffee or shopping with a friend. For a more elegant occasion like these ones, you can pair these pants with high heels or sandals.

Trendy Silver Two-Piece For Spring

Are you ready for a trendy silver spring party? Are you ready for a silver trendy future outfit?

Perfect, functional and elegant silver two-piece is made of an extremely pleasant, soft and light material.

This amazing two-piece set consists of a blouse which has a slightly bigger circled opening around the neck, it’s style is classical and length appropriate.

The bottom part are silver leggings which slightly cling to the body. They are slightly stretchable and have an elastic around the hips.

This wonderful two-piece set, in these complicated times, you can wear while watching your favour cultural artistic show on TV, serial or a movie. In addition, this two-piece set can be worn while you’re reading your favourite adventurous, historical or amatory book.

Due to the fact that this set is extremely comfortable you can wear it while you are at the computer working from home – in it you can work for hours and you will feel comfortable and pleasant.

In this multi practical silver two-piece set you will shine like a diva in your home.

Silver Dress

Summer is slowly coming closing and with it also hot cummerbund days and hot summer evenings.

The most beautiful period in the year is coming closer, when we will take off our jackets and sneakers and put on short summer dresses and sandals.

The period of a summer vacation is coming closer, when we will take off our long sleeve shirts and wear a dress with thin straps.

Silver dress is made of a shiny, silver, light, summery material. This dress has an interesting folding, it’s short and has transparent thin straps. It is extremely elegant and feminine. It has a wonderful neckline, therefore with it you can pair glamorous silver jewellery.

This gorgeous dress can be worn for various summer occasions such as evening hangouts, birthdays, elegant dinners, summer parties, weddings,….

It can be paired with short black leather jacket for chillier summer evenings and black high heeled sandals which will give this dress an elegant rock style.

All of the items are from my favourite store Femme Luxe you can shop them here.

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The Perfect Purple Floral Sleeve Dress

Are you ready for the “Garden party”? Did you imagine yourself in a gorgeous purple dress with breathtaking floral sleeves? Are you ready for a poetic and romantic look?

Spring is the season which gives you an opportunity to highlight your femininity and tenderness with this amazing shade of purple colour. This dress will make you leave an impression of a woman who makes her dreams come true with these stunning sleeves which are enriched with tiny flowers.

This gorgeous romantic dress is made of a pleasant material which follows the body line. It’s length is just under the knees, it has a circled neckline and gorgeous retro but also modern sleeves made of a transparent material which have beautiful pink and blue details shaped as a flower on them.

With the dress, you also receive a wide purple belt in the same shade which you can tie and make a bow around the back.

This dress is very elegant and appropriate for various occasions.

In addition, jewellery which would go perfect with the dress must be with crystals, pearls, extra light and extra glow.

Let me know in the comments how you would style this amazing dress.

The dress is from SHEIN and you can shop it here.

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The Golden Dress

The spring has begun just some days ago. The sky is clear and blue without even one cloud. The Sun is shining, light wind blowing and birds singing beautifully.

About a few days ago, one beautiful spring day in March, I received a package. While I was sitting on the balcony drinking my morning coffee in my stunning silky purple robe enjoying the sun and the view of Italy on this spring day, I heard the bell ring.

There was a package, but not just any package. It was the package with 3 most beautiful spring dresses which women’s imagination could ever imagine. My heart began beating uncontrollably, my eyes shined and my hands shook from happiness and excitement.

The first dress I unpacked was a stunning shiny golden dress. It is made of an extremely pleasant material in beige colour covered with light stretchy net which is enriched with golden details.

This dress follows the body line, has long sleeves and reveals shoulders and back. Style is very elegant and feminine.

This super elegant and super formal dress can be worn on formal occasions such as weddings, baptisms and birthday parties.

The dress is from SHEIN and you can shop it here.

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Dreamy Dress With Pink Flowers

Are you ready for Easter? Are you ready for the most beautiful, the most swaying, the most colourful and the most flowery season? Did you spend those long rainy and windy winter days at the gym, yoga, pool and sauna? Did you always work hard on your body? Did you, apart from all the physical activities, start following one of the popular right balanced diets? In case the answer to all of these questions is mostly yes, then you are ready for this fantastic dreamy dress with pink flowers.

This super modern dress has no straps, has a white underdress, it’s short and has a gorgeous romantic detail at the bottom of it.

The dress is made of transparent, silky and wrinkly material. The design of this beautiful spring dress is black and white and is enriched with pink roses which are medium size, therefore the dress doesn’t look kitschy but very elegant, romantic and dreamy.

It can be worn for various spring and summer occasions. For example: birthday parties, baptism, your college colleague’s wedding, crazy summer parties, to the club, afternoon coffee with your best friend, elegant dinner with your boyfriend while cruising on a yacht, night out for dinner at the luxurious hotel, etc.

Depending on the season, this dreamy dress can be worn with silver faux fur coat or white or pink blazer.

Orange Dress With Puffy Sleeves

Slowly and on it’s tiptoes, spring sneaked into our city. With the spring, the happy colours walked into our lives, too. That is why, I have chosen this orange dress with puffy sleeves because this retro orange shade fascinated me and gives me a feeling or warmth and power.

This dress is made from an unusual material which does not crumple and the colour doesn’t wash out.

The design of this dress is extremely modern and very retro, elegant, feminine and is able to blend in for various occasions.

These dress’ sleeves are probably the most unique romantic detail on it made out of transparent puffy material.

This dress has a gorgeous cutout around the neck, therefore you can show off and highlight your extravagant necklace with it.

It’s length is just around the knees and it has a gorgeous detail at the bottom of it.

This dress can be worn for various occasions when you want to be noticed and remembered such as going shopping with your friend, spring or summer wedding, theatre date night, visiting museum or gallery as well as any other socio-cultural occasion.

I would, for example, have a photoshoot in front of the Eiffel Tower or Louvre in Paris, in front of Van Gogh’s museum in Amsterdam, the amazing cable car in Barcelona or a photoshoot in front of La Sagrada Familia.

In this dress I would also love to drink cappuccino on St. Mark’s Square in Venice, go for a ride in gondola or simply go for a walk and shine through the beautiful streets of Venice.

Dress In The Colour Of Pistachio Ice-cream

Do you feel the energy of spring? The Sun chased away the clouds, the birds have started singing, the flowers and trees began blooming, we have taken off winter coats and jackets, we have taken off dark colours of winter and put on lighter clothes in the happy colours of spring.

Dress in the colour of pistachio ice-cream is very wonderfully styled as it follows the body line, the dress has puffy modern sleeves with flowery details which enrich it. The material from which this dress was made is extremely pleasant and comfortable.

In case you are planning to visit Florence in April, then this dress is a perfect choice for 3-day event in the rhythm of boogie woogie, jazz, blues and top dance which takes part there in this month. Be ready for Swing In Spring.

This beautiful dress can be worn in Rome from Mart until June while you are on your visit to the museum Scuderie del Quirinale. This year, this museum will receive and show off over 200 masterpieces from all around the world.

This breathtakingly beautiful dress can also be worn for the gallery in Bologna, which is about the position of women in the world through the lens of the “National Geographic” photographer.

You can match this dress with blazer in colour of cappuccino since this match would be perfect for going to work. When it comes to shoes, I personally prefer high-heeled shoes.

White Lacy Blouse With The Bow

Lacy blouse is one “must-have” piece of clothing which has to be in your magical closet this spring and summer.

This piece of clothing is a symbol of elegance and is extremely feminine. This blouse can also be paired with other pieces of clothing giving them an additional “magic touch”. If you pair it with elegant black or grey pants or pencil skirt, then you give it (of course with the appropriate shirt) a very elegant business touch. In case you are going on a business meeting, you can just simply add a blazer to it and you will look absolutely perfect.

On the other hand, if you pair this gorgeous lacy blouse with jeans or summer pants you can give it a more comfortable look but again still very tasty and feminine style.

All of the items are from my favourite store Femme Luxe you can shop them here.

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Let me know how you would style these pieces in the comments!

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Femme Luxe 2020 Must – Haves!

Black Dress Sprinkled With Golden Sparkles

Just in time for the spring carnival in our city, I have received a package with the gift of my dreams.

Since the Christmas and New Year’s holidays have passed (the time of sprinkles and sparkles), I thought the sparkling dress will be appropriate few months from now when the summer arrives and summer parties and festivals in the open start.

However, in February, the most colourful and the brightest festival of the year takes place. Therefore, the sleeveless black dress which ties around the neck and is sprinkled with golden sparkles has just above the knee length and it was a perfect outfit for this festival.

As I have already mentioned, this sparkly black golden dress is very elegant, modern and classy therefore it can be worn for parties, concerts, birthdays, weddings and other formal occasions.

The dress can be paired with a blazer or a light dress in the golden or black colour. Also, this gorgeous black-golden dress can be worn with a black leather jacket and high heeled boots and therefore give this dress an elegant rock style. With this sparkly black golden dress you don’t have to wear any jewellery, since it is already sparkly, but if you want to make it even more beautiful then you can add a golden necklace to it.

Pink Pants

Spring is just around the corner, and with it also happy spring colours. The Barbie shade of pink is this year’s absolute hit.

Due to the fact that I want to be very modern this spring. I have decided to order these amazing pink pants.

In case you are also travelling for the “city break” and you’ve chosen one of the most attractive European destinations such as Milan, Paris, Rome, Barcelona or Venice, then these pink pants are a must have in your luggage bag.

The style of these wonderful pink pants are extremely modern, wide and have an elastic around the waist and at the end of the trouser leg. These pants are also enriched with pockets which I didn’t expect at first and was very glad once I had seen them. Because of their practical style, they can be worn for different occasions such as traveling (by plane, bus, ship, car), going for a walk around the city, going shopping with your best friend, going for ice cream or coffee with your colleagues from the university after lectures, attending your little sister’s birthday or a relaxing weekend bike ride by the sea.

These pink pants can be paired with different types of shirts depending on the occasion and the weather. It is very important to mention that sleeveless shirt or T-shirt should be tight in order to highlight the figure. When it comes to their colour, white and black are unmistakable but the rest depends on your taste and style.

Black Leather Pants

Black leather pants are very modern and widely styled. They have an elastic around the waist and at the end of the trouser leg. Their material is resilient, flexible and I have to admit very pleasant. When I put them on first time I didn’t want to take them off due to the fact that they made me feel at the same time beautiful and comfortable.

Black leather pants have a lining made from a very light black material and the design is slightly ribbed, therefore small folds can be felt under the hand.

Because of their style, they can be worn for various occasions. They can be used for going to work, university, walk around the city, going to your friend’s home party, going for coffee with a colleague, going for the aperitif with your neighbour, going shopping with your mother, going for ice cream with your sister.

Due to the fact that these modern black leather pants are very comfortable and pleasant, they can be used for long trips.

These pants can be combined with the black leather blazer. They can be paired with golden sneakers or, if you want to look elegant, they can be paired with black high heels.

Spring Black Jacket

Light spring black jacket is made of the light material. It has 6 pockets which are very extraordinary. This modern black jacket buckles with small black and elegant buttons. Around the waist there is an extremely long black belt made from the same material as the jacket.

This gorgeous spring black jacket has a tiny classical collar and it can also be worn as a tunic because of it feminine style.

This wonderful jacket can be worn in colder summer evenings (when you’re coming back from the concert or when you’re returning home from the cruise). This jacket can also be worn for warmer autumn evenings, so that you can carelessly watch the sunset with your loved one. It can be paired with black leggings, jeans and swaying colourful spring dresses. It can also be matched with sneakers or boots. In case you want to be elegant, they are the best paired with high heels.

You can shop the Femme Luxe items HERE.

Let me know how you would style these amazing pieces.

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Femme Luxe Must-Haves!

Velvet Dress In the Colour of “Ice Coffee”

Velvet dress in the colour of an iced coffee is an interestingly modern styled long sleeved dress, knee-length with beautiful opening around the neck which beautifully highlights the cleavage with which you can show off your glamorous jewellery.

The sleeves of this elegant dress are puffy all the way to the elbow, and from it all the way to the wrist they are tight.

The dress is velvet and it follows the body line, highlights the hip and has elastin.

This gorgeous dress also has a very stunning but not too eye catching detail on the chest which makes the area around the breasts more beautiful.

The dress in the colour of an iced coffee can be worn in cold winter days and formal occasions. If you want to wear it in winter, then you can pair it with a faux fur coat or simple coats in lighter colours. It can be worn for winter, autumn or spring weddings, glamorous evenings and birthdays.

When it comes to shoes, depending on the season, we should take into consideration that this is dress is very elegant and formal, therefore it is expected for the shoes to be the same way. I personally prefer high heels and boots on the heel (white, red or grey).

Depending on the shoe colour, we must also choose a bag which must be miniature, elegant, for formal occasions with a thin strap.

The jewellery must be glamorous since it will give this dress an even richer note.

In case you want to look like Angelina Jolie in Venice in movie “The Tourist”, then this dress will make you look exactly like that.

Swaying Velvet Dress In The Colour Of The Golden Coin

Short swaying velvet dress is made from an extremely pleasant, light and velvetly material which falls down the body perfectly.

This dress has short sleeves which are very beautifully styled and enriched with a ruffle. It’s length is just above the knees, therefore it can also be used as a tunic with black leather leggings or classical black leggings.

The bottom part of the dress is made of three ruffles which make this dress so swaying and it gives her a gorgeously elegant shape. When I wear this dress, I feel like I am besprent with a bunch of ducats.

Because of it’s colour and style you can wear it for all of the holiday occasions. It is so beautifully styled, that you will definitely be noticed and remembered once you step on the dance floor.

Since this stunning dress is gorgeous and velvety, it can be worn in all seasons and different occasions suck as morning coffee and croissants with the colleagues, going to the university, going to the afternoon aperitif with your friends, going shopping with your sister, walking by the sea, going to the movies with friends, attending a glamorous formal business dinner, going to the theatre with your mom,….

Depending on the season, this dress in the colour of golden ducats can be matched with a leather jacket, light sweater, blazer or a coat.

When it comes to shoes, depending on the occasion, you can pair golden, white or black sneakers or boots.

Because of it’s beauty, this dress doesn’t need any additional jewellery.

Leather Crop Top For Modern Ladies

If your previous months were filled with exercise and hard work, then now is the right time to show the results. To show off your sexy abs, because this leather crop top is a perfect piece of clothing for you.

Leather crop top has gorgeous, extremely modern transparent sleeves with leopard design.

This super sexy crop top has a big neckline, it highlights the breasts and it zips at the back.

Leather crop top with modern puffy leopard sleeves can be paired with a tight black leather skirt in different lengths or leather black or leopard design leggings.

It can be worn to the club, rock concert, beer festival, birthday party or billiard with friends.

When it comes to shoes, it can be paired with Dr. Martens, high heeled boots, black or golden sneakers.

When it comes to jewellery, this stunning leather crop top must be matched with glamorous shiny golden jewellery.

Dress In The Colour Of White Wine

White wine coloured dress is made of a thin denim and is long sleeved.

This beautiful dress’ length is just above the knees, it follows the body line and it zips on front. It has a gorgeous little collar, a belt made from the same material as the dress and it is enriched with four pockets.

It can be worn in more seasons from early spring to late autumn.

This gorgeous classical dress can be worn for various occasions from going to the university, job, evening walk around the city, shopping, going to the bar, going to the cinema to a travel with your friends by train or plane.

This stunning classical dress in the colour of white wine can be paired with discreet golden or silver jewellery.

Super Modern Leopard Print Waistcoat

If you want to walk down the streets like a super modern tigress then this gorgeous waistcoat with a leopard print is the perfect choice for you.

It is simply, modern and classically styled with zip and pockets. It is warm therefore it can be worn from autumn to spring when the first spring sun comes out (over a sweater or long hoodie and even over a leather jacket).

This stunning waistcoat is extremely practical piece of clothing therefore it can be worn in various situations such as a walk by the sea or lake, going shopping, going to the park with your pet or riding a bike.

If you are like me and you love spring travels, in this super modern waistcoat you can travel by plane or train and shine through the streets of Paris, London or Barcelona.

Let me know how you would style this amazing waistcoat!

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