Perfect Day in Venice

Femme Luxe Spring 2021 Haul

Tender Pink Set

Feel comfortable on the sofa in 2021. You can visit the most beautiful exhibitions from your apartment, from your favorite armchair with a cup of hot tea. This March we are taking you to Monet’s exhibition in Bologna. Hundreds of other visitors will be connected to this exclusive online gathering, asking questions and exploring the topics of this important exhibition. That is why it is important that you choose an outfit for this unique event in which you will feel comfortable and at the same time modern and feminine.

The soft pink two-piece set consists of leggings and a slightly longer tunic “V” neckline. This beautiful two-piece set is made of a very pleasant, slightly stretchy material that does not wrinkle. Leggings have an elastic band at the waist and follow the body line very nicely, emphasizing femininity. The tunic is a bit longer and wider, long sleeved and has a thin belt made of the same material.

This modern pink set is very practical for various occasions from long trips by plane, drinking the first morning coffee on the hotel terrace, walking around the city to going to a cappuccino with colleagues.

You can combine this romantic supermodern light pink set with a silver or white jacket, white or leather jacket, silver or white miniature purse or coat in a pepito pattern.

“Can’t Stop This Feeling” in Denim White Jacket

White color reminds of light, goodness, purity. It is the color of perfection for a perfect, confident and positive girl. The white chic denim jacket is short, wide-cut, long-sleeved with two pockets, one on the left and one on the right. The jacket has a small elegant collar and is fastened with beautiful silver buttons.

The white jacket became a cult item of clothing. In the fashion season ahead, various models of jackets from the shortest to oversized will be worn. There is no thing in the wardrobe of any girl that is not as retro and as modern as a white jacket.

It was created at the end of the 19th century, and very quickly became a favorite item of clothing for bikers and rockers. Today, many creators are trying to add some of their details to the already well-known and accepted basis. Justin Timberlake chose a white jacket in the video for the song “Can’t Stop This Feeling”, which was recorded for the popular animated film “Trolls”.

The white jacket is a very practical item of clothing that you can wear in different seasons and on different occasions. You can combine a white denim jacket with all colors and patterns so that the combination is completely individual. This type of jacket looks equally modern with sneakers, boots, shoes with smaller or larger heels. The beautiful white denim jacket can be worn with dresses, pants, skirts … There are countless clothing variants with this modern jacket.

Green Therapy in a Chic Green Set

Green is the color of nature. The green color symbolizes harmony, vitality, freshness, peace, growth.

Dark green is the color of money and has a strong emotional connection to security.

The dark green wardrobe is an ideal choice for ambitious, strong, modern, sensible and stable women. A woman who chooses the green color of her clothes wants her own opinion and attitude to triumph in everything.

The beautiful green chic set consists of two parts: the lower part, which is shorter, has short sleeves and is snug, and the lower part, which consists of pants that have an elastic band at the waist, are long and widen at the ends.

The material from which this set is made is silky, stretchy and ribbed. It does not crease and is very pleasant on the body.

In the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, the main actress Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) buys a beautiful dark green scarf that takes her to the world of fame and money. This beautiful modern set is in that shade of green like a scarf of Rebecca Bloomwood.

The set is very practical, it can be worn in various occasions from relaxed sitting with friends with popcorn and film, to walks in the city or by the sea, river, lake, park with a pet, cycling on warmer days, going for coffee or an aperitif on Sunday morning, and for travel by bus, car, plane or train. The set is very stretchy, so you will feel like you are in pajamas.

As we live in a strange time, in this set you can watch lectures from home online or work online without interruption.

Glamorous, Feminine and Elegant Black Dress

In this turbulent year full of upheaval and uncertainty, we designed a fantastic scenery down to the last detail to create an unforgettable fashion spectacle, tell an untold fashion story, round it off with a picturesque atmosphere and present you with a sensual, feminine and elegant black dress.

The enchanting black dress has a handful of innovative, sensual solutions when it comes to details such as a cut that has a crease along the back and an elegant thin straps.

The dress is silk and in motion it outlines the contours of the body, accentuating the impression of feminine sensuality.

The impression is rounded off by interesting style solutions, so you can complete the look with high leather gloves and boots in striking shades, glamorous jewelry in silver or gold.

All of the items are from my favourite store Femme Luxe you can shop them here.

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Christmas Haul – Femme Luxe

Formal White Shirtdress

The name comes from a Latin word “casula” which means rough cloth. It has a vertical opening on the front that is fastened with buttons. The oldest known shirt was discovered in an Egyptian tomb. The shirt is one of the basic items of clothing, worn equally by men and women, young and old. It is suitable for business and formal occasions. Today, everyone has at least one shirt in their closet because they are practical, comfortable and always in fashion.

In the Middle Ages, women would show suitors signs of affection by unbuttoning one of the sleeves. In the Renaissance, men’s shirts, for easier buttoning, have buttons on the right side, and aristocratic women, who did not dress themselves, have buttons on the left side to make it easier for maids. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, factory workers wore blue shirts and aristocrats white. White shirts were worn by professors, economists and office workers, such people were called “white collar workers”.

However, a white shirt has always been considered a formal dress, along with a tie, black or gray jacket, shoes and a briefcase. This is today to many an association for businessmen and businesswomen.

This beautiful white shirtdress is made of solid material. It is fastened with beautiful white buttons and tied at the waist. The top and collar of the shirt is made of denim. This shirtdress has two small pockets and is the length of a mini dress, so you can combine it with leggings or nylons.

Little Black Dress

“Where words don’t reach, music speaks.” – Ludwig van Beethoven

Indulge in music to guide you through the Viennese labyrinth. This year marks the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth and that is why Vienna will shine even brighter in events and celebrations.

For these magical concerts and exhibitions, choose a little black dress. The little black dress is a short, silk, evening or cocktail dress that follows the body line and has straps. The little black dress was first seen in a Coco Chanel drawing.

The little black dress is timeless, universal and elegant. If you intend to enrich your wardrobe, invest in a little black dress. This timeless piece should be found in every woman’s wardrobe. The little black dress is an ideal choice for various occasions from festive (business) lunches, or dinners, going out to the theater, a concert, New Year’s Eve, …

The little black dress allows for styling in countless ways. Trends are changing but the little black dress remains a basic piece of clothing that you will return to from year to year.

Oversize t-shirt with Pearl

Pearl is a shiny nacrous substance that is created in the soft tissue of the mollusks of pearl shells. Top quality natural pearls are highly valued as precious stones. That is why the pearl has become a metaphor for the rare, the fine, the wonderful, the valuable. In most cultures, the pearl has a symbolic character. In China, the pearl symbolizes dignity, wealth, wisdom. In India, wealth for children, in Japan, happiness. Female teeth are compared to pearls. The largest pearl in the world weighs 6.37 kg and is estimated at more than 30 million US dollars.

Oversize t-shirts are very modern and practical this year. They can be worn in different seasons from spring to autumn. They can be combined with a wide variety of clothing items of different lengths and colors: leggings, white, blue or black skinny jeans, from one-color to insanely patterned nylon socks and stockings.

You can also wear an oversize T-shirt as a mini dress and look very sexy and very chic in it this year. You can wear this modern oversize T-shirt with a pearl pattern on different occasions from going to the park with a pet, children, friend, walking by the sea, lake, river, going for afternoon coffee, with friends, for an evening aperitif, going to the cinema on Saturday night. You can also use this T-shirt for travel because it is very comfortable, soft, pleasant for the body, and enables unhindered movement.

All of the items are from my favourite store Femme Luxe you can shop them here.

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Femme Luxe Haul

Leopard Print Dress

Animal print. Specifically leopard design. They are magnificent big cats in their movement and appearance. In fashion and design, the animal pattern has not come down from the throne for decades. The dominant did not bypass neither high fashion nor interior design.

The leopard is an animal from the cat family, and they are classified as endangered species. The animal owes its success in life in the wild to its way of hunting, speed, extremely well developed hearing and smell.

The feature of leopard fur are ring spots in the middle of which the color is slightly darker than the fur. Such a fantastic super modern design is also the design of this silk dress. The dress follows the body line but is not tight. It is enriched with thin straps and it’s length is just above the knee.

The material from which this powerful leopard pattern dress is sewn is heavy silk. It falls beautifully, it is very elegant and feminine. You can wear a leopard pattern dress at various ceremonies. Whether it’s a best friend’s wedding, the baptism of a child of a close relative, a sister’s birthday or a New Year’s Eve, of course in combination with a white fur coat or a cappuccino or champagne coloured coat.

Pink Tracksuit for “Yoga Beauty” Moments

Many people practice yoga in gyms, parks, by the river or the sea, or at home. Yoga as a spiritual practice promotes calmness, relaxation and psychophysical well-being, relaxes the body and mind.

There are many soothing treatments with black tea, ginger and Ayurvedic oils that soothe and tone the body. If you are the type of person who follows trends, takes care of your spirit and body, then a pink tracksuit is an ideal choice for this type of exercise and relaxation. The pink tracksuit is made of a comfortable soft material that allows you to move freely, whether you are doing exercises on a mat or relaxing with your favorite movie or book with black tea (or some other taste of your personal choice).

The tracksuit is a soft pink color that fits perfectly into a yoga environment filled with harmonious scents of aromatic herbs, spices, citrus or forest.

If you want to add a subtle touch to your everyday sports style, focus on gentle pastel feminine shades. You can match beautiful pink tracksuits with a tight white or pink sports T-shirt with a light metallic pink or silver windproof jacket. You can pair this tracksuit with white, pink or silver sneakers and a sports bag in the same colors.

If a skating rink opens in your city also, then the beautiful pink tracksuit paired with a white puffy sweatshirt, pink headphones and white gloves are a must have outfit for this year’s magical winter moments on ice.

Blue Mesh Dress

The dragon is a Chinese symbol of happiness, success and power. The dragon has always meant incredible endurance, courage, prosperity, elegance and creativity.

Dragons were of great spiritual importance in various religions, they were associated with wisdom. They were usually considered to possess some kind of magic. And when it comes to magic, the magical Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching. And for magical holidays and moments that can bring magic on New Year’s Eve, we have a beautiful item of clothing. The dress is made of a pleasant, transparent, mesh material. A long transparent dress with long sleeves follows the body line and has a small roll around the neck.

What makes this mesh dress elegant, modern and unusual is definitely the design. As in the picture with a thousand shades of blue that fit perfectly into one magical fairy tale. The dragon and the house in the distance are perfectly integrated into the natural environment.

This beautiful transparent dress can be worn over a black or blue solid color tight-fitting dress.

In addition, if you want to emphasize the pattern, you can also wear it over a white dress that follows the body line.

All of the items are from my favourite store Femme Luxe you can shop them here.

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Autumn 2020 Femme Luxe Must Haves

Elegant Caramel Autumn Two-Piece Set

In ancient traditions, autumn is ideal time for regeneration, for returning your physical and mental balance and again discover inner strength and beauty.

In this strange and special year, after the hot summer, resorts with autumn “up to date” and innovative wellness programs are expecting you.

Whether you choose a simple massage or complete wellness, the goal is the same: regeneration of mind and skin.

Elegant autumn two-piece set caramel colour can be a perfect choice for the voyage to one of the luxurious autumn resorts, no matter if you have decided to take the car, plane or train.

The autumn two-piece set consists of a longer tunic, enriched with the “V” neck and long sleeves, and leggings which are made of the same material. The material is extremely pleasant, soft and resilient. It doesn’t crumple and it is appropriate for the longer trips. Therefore, it will make you feel pleasant as if you were in pajamas. But on the other hand, you will look sophisticated, elegant and modern.

This beautiful, practical and very modern caramel colour two-piece set can also be worn when you are going on lunch or dinner. You can also wear this gorgeous two-piece set on the balcony of a luxurious hotel, enjoying in beautiful autumn landscapes as you’re sipping wine or afternoon cappuccino.

“Step By Step” Grey Sweatsuit For First Experience With Ferrata

If you are a fan of hiking and activities related to hiking (i.e. traditional outdoor climbing, walking, skiing). If your goal also is to conquer the top. If you have the same motives: challenge, enjoyment and socialising. In case you are in good physical and mental shape. If your answer to all of the above mentioned was yes, then you can try a high intensity training which will bring you great excitement – Via ferrata.

Via ferrata is an Italian name for secured mountain trail through hard-to-reach rocky terrains.

For this type of activity, you need to be in good shape and you need to be appropriately dressed.

“Step by step” grey sweatsuit is made of a comfortable and pleasant material. It consists of the upper part, which is a little wider and has a round neckline. It is also enriched with cuffs on the sleeves and around the hips.

The lower part of the sweatsuit has elastic around the hips, trouser leg follow the leg line but they spread before the bottom and they end with a cuff. The colour of the sweatsuit is a modern shade of grey.

Elegant Dress In The Colour Of White Chocolate

Autumn is a perfect period to return to the cinema, museums and exhibitions.

In Padua comes the largest Italian exhibition dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh. In Venice you can visit a multi-year cultural project “Le Stanze del Vetro”. And since all the roads lead to the magical Rome, you can visit art festival, modern dance, contemporary theatre, contemporary music and movie.

Romantic elegant dress in the colour of white chocolate could be the perfect choice for one of the above mentioned autumn manifestations.

This feminine long sleeve dress which follows the body line and has a gorgeous neckline, allows the woman to complete the beauty of the dress by adding an appropriate romantic autumn accessory such as a silk scarf in warm autumn colours or glamorous golden jewellery.

Over the elegant dress in the colour of white chocolate I suggest a coat in the colour of chestnut or a leather coat in the colour of a chestnut with a crocodile print and pair it with leather above knee boots in the same colour.

Accessories are extremely important this autumn. Extremely important fashion detail of every woman this autumn next to the belt, earrings and necklaces are of course, bags. They are the woman’s “piccole magie”. You could choose a mini handbag with animal effect (zebra, giraffe) or large handbag decorated with the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

Red Dress In The Colour of Fire & Blood

Colours have always served to represent traditional, cultural, religious or feelings of physical and mental symbolism. Red is a dangerous and emotionally intense colour.

When a woman wears a red dress, she will definitely be noticed.

Red is a colour of fire and blood, it is connected to energy, power, strength and determination.

Modern red dress decorates and refreshes. This is a perfect choice for everyday life and celebrations.

Slava – it is a Serbian national-ecclesiastical custom and, after Easter and Christmas, third biggest family holiday. For this special occasion, which my family celebrates at the end of October, I have chosen elegant red long sleeve dress with a large neckline. It’s length is just above the knees and it follows the body line. I have chosen this magical red dress for this family holiday, and for the upcoming holidays and celebrations, as well as elegant evenings going out in the company of a loved one or a friend. This stunning dress is in the shade of red which reminds of the radiant flowers of the poppy field (my grandmother’s favourite flower).

All of the items are from my favourite store Femme Luxe you can shop them here.

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Autumn Femme Luxe Finery Must Haves


Are you looking forward to the total relax vacation? Did you choose a secluded and original place far from the city noise?

This year no days full of fun and entertainment, but a little “stop” to the crowds is a must. The desire for intimacy and freedom won this autumn.

In case you have decided to spend your vacation in nature or a no stress “Treehouse Glamping Holiday”, blue two-piece set is a perfect choice for you.

Extremely modern shade of blue and very pleasant, soft and light material. This two-piece set is made of comfortable stretchy material. Therefore it is perfect for enjoying your morning coffee as the nature surrounding you wakes up, birds are singing and you are listening to the leaves sway on the trees nearby.

Also, in this comfortable two-piece set you can enjoy watching the sunset in the arms of a loved one.

In case you instead decided to go for a vacation in some of the attractive hotels by the sea, this two-piece set is a perfect choice for you. It can be worn for a morning jog by the sea, or evening walk with your children.

If, instead, you have decided to stay home this autumn, the gorgeous blue two-piece set is perfect for a morning bike ride, walk in the park after autumn rain when the weather gets chilly.

This multi practical two-piece can be worn from early spring until the early autumn days.


Are you up for a dance? Do you want to shine in a stunning green dress on one of the many autumn music festivals? Or you are, maybe, tired of a long-term lockdown and exhausting information about the COVID-19, ready for the dance therapy. Or you are, simply, preparing for the first date so this charming green dress is a perfect idea for sipping champagne on a terrace of your favourite hotel.

Breathtaking green dress is made from a light silk which falls perfectly and even in the hot summer days pleasantly cools the body.

The dress follows the body line, it’s length is just above the knees and it is enriched with beautiful retro balloon sleeves which highlight femininity. The dress has a wonderful wide cleavage.

This charming green “metal” dress is a perfect choice for autumn parties, weddings, birthdays, already mentioned jazz festivals on the open, club, beautiful autumn dance evenings on the hotel balcony while you can hear the sea waves in the distance and the hot autumn wind ruffles your hair.

This dress is a perfect choice for going to the theatre, classy dinner in a luxurious restaurant,….

The dress is extremely elegant and therefore it can be paired with black, golden, silver, green or white high heels.

When it comes to accessories, depending on the occasion, you can pair it with a large golden necklace or large pearl necklace.

In the autumn evenings, you can wear a blazer over this dress in the colour of your heels or the colour of the bag you are carrying.


Spectacular landscapes, fresh air and various sports disciplines. Is there anything better for working-out this autumn?

This autumn spend an active holiday on the mountain in the modern two-piece set which is ideal for this type of holiday.

After quarantine and various precautionary measures, the open air and the mountains are perfect for active, sports and regenerative escape from everyday crowds.

Light blue two-piece set is made from soft, stretchy and light material which enables flawlessly undisturbed movement and engaging in various autumn sports.

If you are going on all day walk or mountain climbing, blue two-piece set is made of a quick-drying material which enables easier movement and a more pleasant feeling. In order to regulate body heat properly while walking, the best choice is a light material two-piece set.

Modern light blue two-piece set enables pleasant movement and proper body breathing. It is ideal for the activities in nature.




PIÙ A LUNGO SOGNA.” – Walter Bonatti


I advice you to follow the following rules and a perfect look is guaranteed:

1. Pairing the shirt with the biker leggings. Except for the classical black colour, you can choose the chic pink colour of the biker leggings in order to highlight the beautiful blue shade of the shirt.

2. You can tie a denim jacket around the waist or a light sweatshirt in order for sudden weather change.

3. This gorgeous blue shirt can also be paired with denim shorts, which are a “must have” in your wardrobe. When it comes to accessories, you can add the brown belt and pair them with brown slippers.

4. If you, instead, want to give this shirt a more feminine look, but also keep it extremely modern and in style – alternative is a mini skirt (in blue, white, orange, yellow or green).

5. Sack is fundamental for a super stylish look this autumn. For a classical look, choose a leather sack. For a sporty look, choose a large beach bright coloured sack.

All of the items are from my favourite store Femme Luxe you can shop them here.

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Gentle Pink Two-Piece Set “Ah L’Amour L’Amour”

I respect the ability of mixing retro and modern style. That is the idea of style which fits me.

I’m imagining walking barefoot by the sea, white sand in a gorgeous gentle pink two-piece set while the warm summer wind goes through my hair, while my better half is somewhere in the distance making afternoon picnic just for the two of us.

Summer evenings can still be a little chilly, that is why this beautiful pink two-piece set is perfect for choice for this occasion.

The style is very elegant and sporty. Material is extremely soft, comfortable and slightly stretchy.

This two-piece set consists of the upper part which is extremely wide and short and it is enriched with a simple cutout around the neck and short sleeves. The bottom part follows the leg line and it has an elastic around the waist.

Apart from relaxing on some exotic beach with your loved one, this two-piece can be worn from early spring until the late autumn for various activities on the open such as going for a walk with your best friend, jogging after work, playing with your kids in the park, riding a bike or enjoying Sunday by the river with your favourite book.

This two-piece set will make you feel beautiful, comfortable and elegant.

“La Blue Passione e la Fantasia Blue” Dress

We are currently living in a period which limits freedom. Freedom of thoughts and movement, but we want to look at the future with optimism and to look with optimism on future vacation.

Strong colours, energetic, lively, cheerful is what is necessary for amazing summer mood.

“Full Blue Colour” dress is the one which makes dreams come true. Strong, energetic blue colour brings back the optimism and good energy in our hearts. The colour which recalls on clear summer sky and clear sea depths.

Imagine you are in the city by the sea, on a hot summer day, in the beautiful blue dress spreading passion through the streets in gorgeous silver heels and a big straw hat. You are enjoying the delicious ice cream with your favourite taste. Or simply imagine going on a cruise and enjoying on the deck in this gorgeous blue dress.

This extra modern blue dress is made from a light, velvety, stretchy material.

Apart from cruising, this stunning dress can be worn for an evening dinner or a concert in the open.

The dress is beautifully styled, slightly wrinkled, slightly transparent and it’s length is just around the knee.

You can pair it with a scarf and bag in happy orange colour and make it even more beautiful.

Modern Vest With Hood & Shorts – Total Beauty Combination

Freedom is like spring air, it’s value is noticed when it begins to be missing. I have taken care of coping with this experience through fashion.

Away from feelings of embrace and everyday fashion which I have known it seems like it’s finally the time for “Fashion Rewind”, a return to our fashion roots, authentic values.

I’m talking about fashion and beauty. And I will continue talking about it even in this new fashion world filled with summer collections, summer fashion weeks,summer dresses, summer makeup and summer perfumes, which, just like creativity, have no boundaries.

My great happiness and privilege is the fact that I live in Italy, which is like a dream of a thousand beauties. Now I have a new joy since we were given back the opportunity to plan the holidays, I will explore Italy and it’s wonderful landscapes.

For this “after lockdown” adventure I have chosen this sporty practical elegant two-piece set in the modern brown shade.

It consists of a vest with a hood which can be zipped and a bottom part which is actually a wide shorts knee length.

Two-piece is made of pleasant and soft material, it is slightly stretchy, it doesn’t crumple and the colour doesn’t wash out.

This two-piece set is extremely practical, therefore it can be worn for adventurous trips or simple walks around the park or by the sea, lake or river. It can also we worn for various sports such as badminton, table tennis, riding a bike and many more.

Dress In The Colour Of Golden Kiwi

Are you ready for the safari, cup of tea in the desert, dressed like a real queen of sand dunes?

You will look sophisticated in a dress in the colour of golden kiwi paired with the brown jacket.

This dress has gorgeous reticulate sleeves and a stunning reticulate detail around the hips.

The material is pleasant, soft, it doesn’t crumple and it follows the body line.

You can match this dress with glamorous bracelets and extravagant jewellery. This would be perfect for evening dinner by the sea or summer afternoon aperitif. In this sophisticated, timeless, feminine style you will look like Nicole Kidman in the movie “Australia” or Meryl Streep “Out Of Africa”. With this dress you will highlight your femininity with golden earrings, faux leather brown bag, sunglasses with leopard design and faux leather sandals.

In case you follow my advices regarding accessories with this breathtaking dress in the colour of golden kiwi, you will shine through your city in deluxe version.

All of the items are from my favourite store Femme Luxe you can shop them here.

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Modern Tabacco Coloured Two-Piece Set

Do you want to dive into a pause from everyday craziness? At the end of the week organise “Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe” for two. For this occasion, I suggest this comfortable yet modern tabacco coloured two-piece set.

This set consist of the top part which is slightly shorter with a circled cutout around the neck and long, but extremely interesting and retro-modern sleeves which have a cutout from elbow to the wrist.

The bottom part are the high-wasted pants, wide elastic and the belt which is made of the same material as the set.

You can make the beautiful bow from the belt or simply make a light knot and put it on the side which will give this two-piece set an extremely elegant feminine look. The pants spread at the ends.

The material of this stunning two-piece set is made of stretchy, silky and ribbed material. Neither does it crumple nor wash out.

Apart from the informal occasions such as a picnic, walk by the river or sea with your loved one, you can also wear it for going shopping with your friend, afternoon aperitif,… Since it is extremely comfortable, it can also be worn for travelling due to the fact that it will make you feel like you are in plush sweats but you will look like a diva from the red carpet.

Silky Fluo Orange Pants

Fluo, what a passion. Marker colours for decisive, durable and persistent.

This colour is trendy and modern style, which with irony and an arrow unusual elegance and ferocity pop colour highlights your extravagance.

If you want to highlight your ladylike mood and make a retro twist, then these silky fluo-orange pants are a perfect choice for you.

If you want to highlight aggressive yet elegant look, then with these pants you can combine various accessories in fluo colours from the necklace, watch, sunglasses, bags, heels and complete your psychedelic look with maxi earrings.

These pants have an elastic around the hips and at the bottom of the trouser leg. They are also enriched with two pockets.

These amazing pants are made of pleasant, silky material appropriate for spring and summer days.

They can be worn for different occasions such as sporty ones (going for a walk, driving an E Scooter or riding a bike). With these kind of occasions, these pants can be paired with white sneakers or fluo coloured sneakers or simply espadrilles.

Furthermore, these extravagant silky pants can be worn for a more elegant occasion such as an evening dinner, concert in the open, going to the movies, going for a coffee or shopping with a friend. For a more elegant occasion like these ones, you can pair these pants with high heels or sandals.

Trendy Silver Two-Piece For Spring

Are you ready for a trendy silver spring party? Are you ready for a silver trendy future outfit?

Perfect, functional and elegant silver two-piece is made of an extremely pleasant, soft and light material.

This amazing two-piece set consists of a blouse which has a slightly bigger circled opening around the neck, it’s style is classical and length appropriate.

The bottom part are silver leggings which slightly cling to the body. They are slightly stretchable and have an elastic around the hips.

This wonderful two-piece set, in these complicated times, you can wear while watching your favour cultural artistic show on TV, serial or a movie. In addition, this two-piece set can be worn while you’re reading your favourite adventurous, historical or amatory book.

Due to the fact that this set is extremely comfortable you can wear it while you are at the computer working from home – in it you can work for hours and you will feel comfortable and pleasant.

In this multi practical silver two-piece set you will shine like a diva in your home.

Silver Dress

Summer is slowly coming closing and with it also hot cummerbund days and hot summer evenings.

The most beautiful period in the year is coming closer, when we will take off our jackets and sneakers and put on short summer dresses and sandals.

The period of a summer vacation is coming closer, when we will take off our long sleeve shirts and wear a dress with thin straps.

Silver dress is made of a shiny, silver, light, summery material. This dress has an interesting folding, it’s short and has transparent thin straps. It is extremely elegant and feminine. It has a wonderful neckline, therefore with it you can pair glamorous silver jewellery.

This gorgeous dress can be worn for various summer occasions such as evening hangouts, birthdays, elegant dinners, summer parties, weddings,….

It can be paired with short black leather jacket for chillier summer evenings and black high heeled sandals which will give this dress an elegant rock style.

All of the items are from my favourite store Femme Luxe you can shop them here.

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The Perfect Purple Floral Sleeve Dress

Are you ready for the “Garden party”? Did you imagine yourself in a gorgeous purple dress with breathtaking floral sleeves? Are you ready for a poetic and romantic look?

Spring is the season which gives you an opportunity to highlight your femininity and tenderness with this amazing shade of purple colour. This dress will make you leave an impression of a woman who makes her dreams come true with these stunning sleeves which are enriched with tiny flowers.

This gorgeous romantic dress is made of a pleasant material which follows the body line. It’s length is just under the knees, it has a circled neckline and gorgeous retro but also modern sleeves made of a transparent material which have beautiful pink and blue details shaped as a flower on them.

With the dress, you also receive a wide purple belt in the same shade which you can tie and make a bow around the back.

This dress is very elegant and appropriate for various occasions.

In addition, jewellery which would go perfect with the dress must be with crystals, pearls, extra light and extra glow.

Let me know in the comments how you would style this amazing dress.

The dress is from SHEIN and you can shop it here.

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